Leitung: Prof. Dr. Beate Röder

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
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AG Photobiophysik
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Characterisation of drug
delivery systems using optical spectroscopy

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During the past three decades new pharmaceuticals were developed basing on the discoveries of complex reaction pathways within the human body. With the development of highly specific drugs the question of efficient carrier systems also arouses. The requirements for drug delivery systems are challenging:

  1. Protection of the drug against biochemical degradation before it reaches the site of action in the body.
  2. High drug targeting specificity.
  3. Low systemic drug toxicity.
  4. Time-controlled drug release.
  5. Improving the treatment absorption rates of the drug.
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Current Research

We are currently focusing on three types of carrier systems.

  1. Dendritic macromolecules.
  2. Blockcopolymer based micellar systems.
  3. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) carriers.

Among other advantages these systems are especially attractive for therapy against solid tumors because the EPR- (enhanced permeability and retention) effect [Maeda, 2001] leads to a highly selective accumulation of these large molecules in tumor tissue.

We are using mainly tetrapyrroles as models for potential drug molecules or as active agents itself (PDT). Optical spectroscopy in the UV/VIS/NIR range allows characterization of the drug delivery system and the interactions between drug and carrier. Moreover the delivery of the drug to the target site can be followed and the release of the drug in time and spatially resolved manner can be investigated.

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